Where to Practice Yoga in Puerto Escondido?

Are you planning on spending some time in Puerto Escondido? – If yes, you definitely have to try some of the yoga classes Puerto has to offer!

If Puerto Escondido is world-famous for being a surf town, it’s also one of the best yoga spots you can find in Mexico! It’s no secret that yoga and surf have been flirting together for many years now. Here in Puerto, 80% of the population is either a surfer, either a yogi or both…

Mexico is a very spiritual country with a lot of ancestral traditions (cacao ceremony, Temezcal…). And when Mayan rituals blend with the yogic world, it just creates something magical!

Yoga is so big in Puerto, that you might find yourself a bit lost at first. Especially if you’re here for a few days only… What yoga place or class would suit me the best?

After 3 years of living in Puerto and practising yoga, as a teacher but also as a student, here are my recommendation

I- Marea Yoga Studio: For the Community

If you want to do yoga regularly in Puerto, in a good place where it feels like family, then Marea is the place. Owned by Victoria, the owner of the well-known and delicious Lychee restaurant, Marea Yoga Studio is one of these places where everyone is adorable and so passionate.

You will find some great yoga teachers in Marea… Traditional Tantra, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and even aerial yoga… there is a yoga class for absolutely everyone, and all the teachers are amazing!

Moreover, these incredible yoga instructors regularly organise ceremonies like cacao ceremonies, which include ancestral teaching, Yin yoga, sound healing meditation, and other surprises.

It’s not only because I teach there that I am talking about Marea, but it’s also the choice of many ex-pats and residents in Puerto Escondido.

Find all the events and the yoga schedule on Instagram

Note that Marea is also a cute guest house, where you can stay and enjoy the yoga spirit of the place.


II- Raíz Hotel: For the Quiet Jungle Atmosphere

Have you heard about Raíz Hotel? – It’s maybe one of the nicest places to do yoga. If you’ve been in Puerto long enough, you’d know that Puerto Escondido isn’t a quiet town. Even though it is located at the entrance of La Punta, Raíz Hotel is maybe one of the quietest places to practice yoga. No trucks passing on the street, no people, just the birds and the waves at a far distance… 

Moreover,Raíz Hotel is in a place surrender by lush palm trees, which gives a peaceful atmosphere, ideal to practice yoga and meditation. 

Raíz yoga schedule is ideal for people that work, or that want to do other activities during their day, as the classes start at 9 and finish at 10!

Check their calendar on their Instagram 


III- Selina: For the Experience

Selina is one of the most famous backpacker resorts in Latin America. Some people just never live and travel only where they are. 

Why? – Because they offer one of the best experiences to travellers: Amazing rooms with AC, modern and design coworking space, yummy restaurant, dope activities… You just have to arrive and let Selina guide you!

Pretty much all Selinas around the world offers yoga. The one in Puerto offers some of the best yoga activities with sound therapy, traditional tantra and dance therapy. 

Have a look at their schedule and see what fits you!  


III- Barbarenas: For the Stunning View


The breathtaking view and jungly space make Barbarenas one of the must-try yoga places in Puerto Escondido

Make sure you follow them on Instagram because Barbarenas is a place full of beautiful surprises!

Ancestral ceremonies, rituals, and retreats are part of the regular events you might find in Barbarenas. They even created the famous Puerto’s “B-Rave” (or breakfast rave), which is a morning rave that usually starts with yoga and meditation, then you get offered a nice vegan breakfast, before raving with some of the best DJ of the area until sunset.

It’s also one of the nicest places to stay as a guest. Barbarenas offers the possibility to do your own retreat. They have different packages with yoga and/or surf, and different lengths of stay.

If you get the chance to experience this place, make sure you can experience the Traditional Tantra yoga class. It’s a really beautiful practice in which you’ll find yourself truly connected to your body and nature. Tantra yoga is one of the oldest yoga practices. It is a Hatha-based practice that usually includes meditation, pranayama, and mantras. You can learn more about Tantra Yoga here.


IV- Yoga One Love: For the Good Vibes

“Let’s get together and feel alright” is definitely a good line to describe One Love Yoga.

As one of the first yoga places that existed in Puerto Escondido, One Love has a lot of experience and some of the best teachers you’ll ever meet, like Mario that literally has people queuing for his yoga classes!

Moreover, One Love Yoga PE has a huge palapa with all the yoga gear you need, and… the cherry on the cake… a beautiful view of the ocean!

Close to the water, enjoy the breeze and the sound of the waves while you’re practising your asanas, like a beautiful and peaceful warrior.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Puerto Escondido, you’ll probably fall for One Love 60’s Rock and Roll music legend-inspired dorms and bungalows.

“An emblematic era of love, rebellion, and mysticism”

This is how they define their spirit!

Best for last, One Love Hostal has a lush garden that is so green that you will feel like you’re in another universe!


VII- Yoga Shala, Arte y Espiritu: For the Local Environment

Everything is in the name “Arts and Spirit”. Yoga Shala is maybe one the most authentic yoga place in Puerto Escondido with a lot of artsy and spiritual events.

This is “The” local place for yoga. Many teachers are Mexicans and the lessons are in Spanish, which makes this place ideal to meet locals and experience a beautiful blend of Mexican’s ancestral spirituality and yoga.


VIII- Jardín Ganesha- For the Environment

Created by Beto Nijanando, a well-known and very inspirational yogi in Puerto Escondido, Jardín Ganesha is a dream place to practice yoga.

It’s actually an excellent Yoga school that gathers some of the best yoga teachers in Puerto and has numerous events like ecstatic dance or sound healing circles.

As said in the name, Jardín Ganesha is a beautiful garden, which not only has a yoga studio but a few cute Tipi-style accommodations for its guest.

Yoga & Embodiment in Puerto Escondido

Hi Yogis,

My name is Cara. I am a Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in Traditional Tantra and Somatic Yoga, or Embodiment.

I teach yoga in Puerto Escondido and offer private lessons for yoga and embodiment.

Cara Shanti aims to help people to reconnect with themself and their body.