Embodiment & Somatic Therapy in Puerto Escondido

Because good therapy includes the body, just words and conversations might not always be enough.

Yoga could also be used as a tool for therapy by including some somatic movements that brings a deeper insight to the practitioner.

As an Embodiment and Somatic Yoga therapist, I can teach you how to truly listen to your body and its amazing memory cells that keep so many secrets from you.

Learning how to have a conversations with your body will allow you to open certain wounds and eventually let go on whatever is heavy in your life.

Embodiment can also be used to reach specific goals, like:

  • Gain trust or empowerment
  • Love
  • Grief
  • Creativity

Are you ready to become your body’s best friend? Let’s have a little chat first to see what we can do together

Somatic Yoga Therapy – Puerto Escondido