Enhance Your Yoga Practice in Puerto Escondido

Are you wondering whether you should take a private yoga class or not?

Puerto Escondido is one of the best places in Mexico to improve your yoga skills. Whether you have a special goal or just want to reconnect with your body.

My one-to-one yoga classes are perfect if you want to :

  • Develop your very own safe yoga practice
  • Check your alignments
  • Prepare your body for specific training (Yoga training, surfing)
  • Want to use yoga as a therapy (Trauma healing, yoga therapy)

I can come to your place, or you can come to mine. I live in La Punta and have a lovely Palapa in the middle of a beautiful garden with plants, mango trees, and hummingbirds.

Are you ready to feel this connection between your body and your mind? Let me guide you!

Private Yoga Lesson – Puerto Escondido

MX$ 70060 minutes

Improve your yoga practice, check on your alignments and enhance your yoga skills with a 60 minutes private yoga lesson.

Somatic Yoga Therapy – Puerto Escondido

MX$ 1000 – 75 minutes

Have you heard about yoga therapy? Somatic yoga therapy is a beautiful practice that can help you regain trust and reconnect with yourself and with your body.

Would you like to have a little chat first and see what we can do together?

Public Yoga Classes in Puerto Escondido

MX$ 150-200 – 60-90 Minutes

I teach Yin, Hatha, Traditional Tantra and Embodiment in 3 different yoga studios in Puerto Escondido:

Barbarenas8 am:
Embodied Hatha
Marea Studio6 pm: Traditional Tantra & Hatha Yoga6 pm:
Yin Yoga & Meditation