Hi lovely,

My name is Caroline, but you can call me Cara. I am a 500H Yoga Teacher specialising in Hatha Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Embodiment Therapy. I am from France but you would have more chances to find me in Puerto Escondido Mexico, where my heart decided to stay.

Like many of us, I’ve always been very mind-conscious. I remember having 6 years old and sometimes staring at my hands, touching my arms, and my body, and having intense thoughts such as “What am I?”, “Who am I?”, “Is that really me?”. I have always been fascinated by the universe and all its beings.

My journey into the world of yoga began several years ago during a silent retreat in Thailand, at the beautiful Dipabhāvan Meditation Center. Prior to that trip, I had never meditated or practised yoga. I didn’t even know anyone who practised yoga or meditation. However, I was engulfed in a gloomy phase of my life and I had this strong intuitive feeling that this was something I needed.

Being in silence for a week and practising yoga daily opened up a world of infinite possibilities within me. It allowed me to understand the essence of life and discover the untapped potential within myself.

I instantly fell in love with the transformative power of yoga. Yoga taught me what life was and how to live to be happy and accomplished — Yoga is a profound school of self-discovery!

“Yoga is a profound school of self-discovery”

After a few years of my personal yoga journey, I made the decision to become a yoga teacher so that I could share this magic with others. I am now a certified 500-Hour yoga teacher, specializing in Hatha and Traditional Indian Tantra. I am also trained as a Somatic Yoga professional, enabling me to assist my fellow yogis in working through trauma and cultivating a strong and harmonious relationship with their bodies.

My yoga practice is deeply mindful, yet it can also be dynamic and energizing. I view each asana and movement as a meditation tool, allowing me to cultivate presence and awareness in every moment.

How do you communicate with yourself in your daily life? Feel free to contact me.