Hi lovely,

My name is Caroline, but you can call me Cara. I am a 500H Yoga Teacher specialising in Hatha Yoga, Traditional Tantra and Embodiment Therapy. I am from France but you would have more chances to find me in Puerto Escondido Mexico, where my heart decided to stay.

Like many of us, I’ve always been very mind-conscious. I remember having 6 years old and sometimes staring at my hands, touching my arms, my body, and having intense thoughts such as “What am I?”, or “Who am I?”. I have always been very grateful for our universe and for being part of it.

In my early twenties, when nothing was making sense and when I had to choose what I wanted to be for the rest of my life in a world that wasn’t really mine, I was experiencing deep discomfort and distress that my body would express with constant migraine, and sometimes, anxiety. From the moment where I decided to follow my heart and do what I like, my life changed completely…

In 2018, I travel to Thailand and went to this beautiful silent meditation retreat at the Dipabhāvan Meditation Center. This experience introduced me to the world of yoga and its beautiful philosophy. Three years later, I deepen my practice with Satya Loka Traditional Tantra School and got certified as a Hatha and Tantra yoga teacher. After a year of teaching regularly, I decided to deepen my practice with an advanced training at the Ayur Yoga Ashram in India.

“Yoga is a moving meditation”

Nowadays, many see yoga as a workout when yoga is a meditation: Yoga can simply be defined as a “meditation in movement”. The world of yoga helped me to understand a lot about myself. It also allowed me to meet some beautiful people and to live my life the way I’ve always really wanted.

Inhale, exhale in consciousness, be aware of what’s happening in your mind and in your body. What’s magical about Tantra is that working on your Chakras with Tantric yoga allows you to unleash some deep emotions and genuinely connect with yourself.

I am also certified as an Embodiment Therapist, which works magic when combined with Tantra. Like Tantra Yoga, Embodiment is a body-based approach that works on our memory cells in order to reveal our true nature.

How do you communicate with yourself in your daily life? Feel free to contact me.