Tantra Yoga Certified Teacher

My name is Caroline, but you can call me Cara. I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Tantra Yoga Teacher, and I love sharing my experience of yoga with other yogis. 

Cara Shanti aims to help people reconnect with themself through tantra yoga, which can be simply described as dynamic meditation, or meditation through movements.

If you’re ready to share you experience with me, I can help you find the balance within. 

Yoga Teacher

l am a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher, which is the most trusted yoga certification and community around the world.

Traditional Tantra

I had the chance to study the science of yoga and traditional tantra with Satya Loka Traditional Tantra school.

“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

The Bhagavad Gita


About Tantra

You probably heard different definitions for Tantra.

One thing is sure, Tantra doesn’t mean “sex”, as most people and schools in the Western World tend to think. Plenty of Tantric texts don’t talk about sex at all. If some do, it’s because sex is the core energy of our existence, and should be embraced with some self-discipline, rather than repressed.

The sanskrit term Tantra simply means “book”, or “technique”.

The first time the term Tantra was used, was to define any kind of book containing techniques teaching spiritual knowledge.

Tantra has changed with times and religions. Tantra is Hindu, Jain and Buddhist.

Nowadays, I would personally define Tantra as an energetic approach to self-realization, using a myriad of rituals like meditation, pranayama, yoga, mantra…