Together We Can Work on Your Yoga Journey

Whether you have a special goal or just want a personalised yoga lesson, let me guide you.

My private yoga classes are open to all levels, and my practice will depend on you. Skilled in yoga therapy, I can tailor a personalised yoga class just for you!

Tantra, Hatha, Yin, Trauma-informed yoga, meditation and pranayama are the tools that I use to help you through your journey to self-realisation.

Are you ready to truly love yourself? Let me help you reclaim your body and reconnect with this vital force within you!

Here are a few packages. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss first.

Scroll down to see my public classes schedule.

Private Yoga Class

MX$700 – 60 minutes

Improve your yoga practice, check on your alignments and enhance your yoga skills with a 60 minutes private yoga lesson.

Yoga Therapy & Embodiment

MX$ 1000 – 60-75 minutes

Are you curious about yoga therapy or embodiment? Somatic yoga is a beautiful practice that can help you regain trust and reconnect with yourself and with your body.

What do you think about having a little chat first to see what we can do together?

Online Class

30€ ($35 or MX$600) – 60 minutes

What about practising yoga with me from the comfort of your home?

The only thing you have to do is to find a nice place for your yoga mat, put your laptop camera at a 2-3-metre distance from you and if it’s available create a nice zen environment with some incense or a soft yoga playlist on the background.

From there, I’ll take care of you. we’ll spend one hour focusing on your body’s needs, your being and its emotions, and your goals.

Public Yoga Classes

MX$ 150-200

Want to join one of my public yoga classes? – I teach Yin, Hatha, Traditional Tantra and Embodiment Yoga in different yoga studios in Puerto Escondido:

Barbarenas8 am: Embodied Hatha
Marea Yoga Studio6 pm: Traditional Tantra & Hatha Yoga6 pm:
Yin Yoga & Meditation